SheHeroes Episode 3: Colleen Abdoulah, CEO of WOW! (part 2) - SheHeroes

SheHeroes Episode 3: Colleen Abdoulah, CEO of WOW! (part 2)

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Discussion Questions

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  1. What do you admire about Colleen?
  2. Colleen was discriminated against because she is a woman working in a job that is usually done by men. Have you ever felt discriminated against because of your race, gender, age, religion, or other differences? How did it make you feel and what did you do about it?
  3. Colleen doesn’t waste time trying to please other people or pretend to be something she is not. Do you think it’s important to be true to yourself? Have you ever tried to pretend to be a certain way or say you like something just so others would like you?
  4. Colleen loves many things about her job including the people she works with. What kinds of things might make you feel happy with a job you have someday? (e.g., work with lots of different kinds of people, solve puzzles or challenges, work with animals, allow you to travel)?
  5. When she doubted herself, Colleen was inspired by her parents. Who inspires you?

This is the second half of our interview with Colleen Abdoulah, CEO of WOW! Click here for Part 1.

Colleen Abdoulah, President and CEO of WOW! Internet-Cable-Phone, leads a company responsible for providing services that are our “connections to life.” Listen as Colleen discusses with Carly Fabian of Girl Scouts of Colorado the value of diversity in her company for creating success. Colleen also explains how she decided to respond to personal adversity through her relationship with her mother, a recovered alcoholic. Colleen’s advice to our listeners is to believe in yourself, to be kind to yourself and to love who you are and you will be successful.

Thank you to our SheHeroes interview team! Interviewer Carly Fabian of Girl Scouts of Colorado and assistant Zahra Mohamed Ali from Girls Inc of Metro Denver. Behind the scenes, anchor and editor Stephanie May and episode researcher Gloria Yang.

And extra big thanks to our SheHero, Colleen Abdoulah.

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2 thoughts on “SheHeroes Episode 3: Colleen Abdoulah, CEO of WOW! (part 2)

  1. This was such a great interview. Colleen is such a special person, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet her. What an amazing woman!