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A childhood classic: A Wrinkle in Time
“It Was a Dark and Stormy Night”… Passing Down Your Favorite Stories and Books
It was a dark and stormy night. It’s a legendary line that has been used in books since 1830. But for me I associate that line with what was one of my favorite books in childhood. I was in the

Kacy Catanzaro is a former Towson University gymnast that became the first woman to complete an American Ninja Warrior qualifying course.
Kacy Catanzaro: American Ninja Warrior– SheHero Style!
It’s funny the places we some times find the coolest SheHeroes to look up to. A few years back my kids and I discovered the show American Ninja Warrior. This show is the American version of a Japanese show that

5 Ways to Inspire Your Kids This Summer
As we face the middle of May it’s time to face the age old dilemma. School is almost out and you may be asking yourself “What are my kids going to do all summer?” Well we have a few ideas

Disney's Little Mermaid
Mermaids, Dolphin Trainers and Kindergarten Girls
What Kindergarten Girls in Silicon Valley Aspire to Be (circa 2014) By Steve Ko; cross-posted with permission from A few weekends ago, I brought my daughters (ages 4 and 7) to Snip-Its for their haircuts. Snip-Its is a hair

Katherine Switzer
In Honor of SheHeroes Who Run
Bu Meghan Harvey Earlier this week Boston Marathon history was made as thousands of athletes competed to display their competitive skill and to honor of those lost in last years tragedy. This week has been bitter sweet as we remember

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SheHeroes empowers 8 to 14-year-old girls of all backgrounds to dream big, explore their interests and passionately pursue careers in any field regardless of gender. Through our online content and streaming video profiles, girls picture their own potential by engaging with the influential stories of exceptional women role models who have overcome obstacles and achieved career success. Like Sally Ride, we believe: “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it!”

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