Susie Tompkins Buell

Founder and co-owner of the Esprit clothing company

Dr. Verna Gibbs

Surgeon at the San Francisco VA Medical Center

Polly Baca

First Hispanic woman in the Colorado State Senate

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Katherine Switzer
In Honor of SheHeroes Who Run
Bu Meghan Harvey Earlier this week Boston Marathon history was made as thousands of athletes competed to display their competitive skill and to honor of those lost in last years tragedy. This week has been bitter sweet as we remember

Will the real Julia Roberts please stand-up? The real Julia Robert's (left) next to her highly airbrushed image on the ad that UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned and declared "must not appear in its current form again" on the basis that it's "misleading."
Truth-in-Ads Campaign Aims to Stop Advertising That Hurts Our Kids
53% of 13 year-old girls are unhappy with their bodies; by the time they are 17, it will be 78%. The 3 most common mental health issues amongst girls — depression, low self-esteem  and eating disorders,– can be linked to

Frozen: The Highest Grossing Animated Film and Why it Matters
The news is in and Disney’s hugely popular animated feature, Frozen, has become the highest grossing animated film of all time. In case you’re unfamiliar, I’ll wait a moment while you ask any random school age child to bring you

Good News for Girls: Women Make Better Politicians
                          Of all the fields we’d like to see equal gender representation and that would have the biggest impact on girls and women in EVERY area, politics remains

102 Years of Girl Scouts
It seems only fitting that we would celebrate the 102nd birthday of The Girls Scouts of America right in the middle of Women’s History Month. After all, few organizations have included such a large number of the most successful and famous

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