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SheHeroes Episode 4: Chief Tracie Keesee

Tracie Keesee is the Denver Division Police Chief. Tracie discusses the challenges she faced as a single, working parent. She also shares her experience with discrimination and advises listeners to address it “head-on.” Tracie is proud of her family, career and the community programs she implemented to protect children.
Discussion Questions

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  1. Chief Keesee was discriminated against because she is a female in a male- dominated career. Have you ever been discriminated against because of your race, gender, religion, or other differences?
  2. Whom do you trust talking to or seeking help from, when you are facing problems?
  3. Chief Keesee struggled with math in school, is there a subject that is difficult for you? What do you do to work through that subject?
  4. Would you ever want to be a police officer like Chief Kessee?
  5. In middle school, cliques were difficult for Chief Keesee to deal with. Have you ever been excluded or had to deal with cliques? What did you do to overcome this?

Tracie’s advice to our listeners is to: 1. Go easy on yourself and, 2. Make sure to talk to someone when you have a problem. She reminds listeners that there are always people you can go to for help (e.g. parents, guardians, counselors).

Thank you to our SheHeroes interview team! Interviewer Stefy Bautista from Girls Inc of Metro Denver. Behind the scenes, anchor and editor Stephanie May and episode researcher Gloria Yang.

And extra big thanks to our SheHero, Chief Tracie Keesee.

Want to see more of our interview with Chief Tracie Keesee? Check out the great photos that were taken during the shoot or read more about Stefy’s experience.

3 thoughts on “SheHeroes Episode 4: Chief Tracie Keesee

  1. Have to vote for this video – it’s always rewarding when a woman gets a top spot in a male dominated field.

  2. I’m 9 years old. I would like to watch Chief Keesee doing her job. You could have a camera follow her around during the day. Show the different police stations and riding in a police car.

  3. I would like to say that Tracie Keesee is exactly the kind of Chief that is needed in Denver as she does her job and also undersands what victims are going through.Tracie may be a WOMAN she can do this MAN job better than any of them can. TRACIE IS MY HERO AND ALWAYS WILL BE. More power to her for not GIVING UP when discrimination was against her