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SheHeroes Episode 2: Professor Margaret Murnane

Margaret Murnane, laser physicist, MacArthur “Genius Grant” award recipient and creator of a laser that flashed for 10 quadrillionths of a second (the fastest thing that any human being has ever created) shares the challenges she has faced being a female in the field of science.

Discussion Questions

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  1. Margaret says that if you enjoy doing something, you work harder at it. Has this ever happened to you? Give an example.
  2. What about being a scientist like Margaret sounds fun to you?
  3. Margaret’s students inspire her to continue teaching physics. What or who inspires you in one part of your life?
  4. Margaret talks about how her students “transform” from being afraid of physics and math to feeling confident and excited by them. Can you think of things you’ve learned that you were first afraid of? How did you feel when you finally learned them?
  5. Can you think of a song that represents Margaret’s story?

Listen as Margaret discusses with Zahra Mohamed Ali from Girls Inc of Metro Denver how she overcame other’s doubts about her ability to do physics and how she loves to watch students overcome their fears about not knowing enough. She hopes that circumstances will continue to change to encourage more girls to go into science.

Margaret advises listeners that 95% of success in any field is achieved through perseverance. Margaret’s advice to our listeners is to not let negative comments bring you down and to not let obstacles stop you from fulfilling your dreams.

Further Information

Thank you to our SheHeroes interview team! Interviewer Zahra Mohamed Ali from Girls Inc of Metro Denver and AssistantCarly Fabian of Girl Scouts of Colorado. Behind the scenes, anchor and editor Stephanie May and episode researcher Gloria Yang.

And extra big thanks to our SheHero, Professor Margaret Murnane. This episode was filmed on location at the University of Colorado.

16 thoughts on “SheHeroes Episode 2: Professor Margaret Murnane

  1. Hi,

    I’m a friend of Elizabeth Kao’s.

    Thoughts on video – think of it in two workstreams – one on content and one on delivery. On delivery, would add a section up front that you can read before you watch the video so you know what to expect – some people learn better through reading than listening. I would also love a profile page – that way when you have a library of videos – it’s easy to sort through and decide which ones to watch. Just some thoughts.

    On the content side – covering all of the bases like science and art and business and medicine, but also covering all of the age ranges – for a teenager, it’s just as exciting to see what high school students are working on for their school projects and college students are studying as it is to hear about adults. And, it’s easier to relate to. Again, just some thoughts.

    Good luck! This is a great cause…

  2. This video is focused and clear, while providing variety in question topics. I loved the question about advise to the viewing age group and Dr.Murnane’s answer – don’t let obstacles stop you. This video is fun because it is fascinating for adults, too!

  3. This video was a pleasure to watch. Because I’m not even in college yet, this video was very inspirational. I learned that even if I’m not the best at something that I like, to never, ever give up. Thank you so much!

  4. this is very nice, im part of a science class with Mrs. dever. this is a very interesting video, i like how its set up, and what its talking about. i like how you guys wore sunglasses in the begging and how you showed examples of things that you were talking about. good job.

  5. I thought this video was very cool! It tells the audience to never give up, no matter what. Plus, even if you’re not great at something, if it’s something you love then why not shoot for the stars? Anything is possible. I loved the video. Thanks 🙂

  6. I enjoyed watching this video. It showed me that even if you think your dream is hard to reach you should never give up. Once you have your heart set on something it should be practically impossible to give it up. Thank you for sharing this information. It was a great video! 🙂

  7. this was a great video, it shows that anything can get done if you put your mind to it and that you should never doubt yourself. I feel that these type of videos are what people need to see so they can understand they themselves could be like the heroes shown in this video

  8. I thought that this video was great! There is a great lesson to this video. “Don’t let a little bump in the road stop you from reaching your dreams.”

  9. I love all of the SheHeroes videos, but this one is by far my favorite.
    I found it very inspirational, and it made me feel like I can be whatever I want to be when I grow up, even if no one belives in me, and that nothing can stop me.

    Thanks, SheHeroes!!

    Danielle, Age 10

  10. I think it’s cool that Margaret created the fastest thing that humans created and i liked watching this video

  11. Its cool that she supports her students and is inspired by them. It’s also really cool that she supports the movement for more woman in science.