Our goal at SheHeroes is to connect both girls and boys with the role models that break down stereotypes and inspire leadership and innovation. That’s why we are thrilled to launch our new podcast initiative. In addition to watching our SheHero videos, you can listen to our podcasts while you spend time together as a family, eating, studying, relaxing–and even doing the chores!

The SheHeroes ChatCast is a weekly podcast conversation with accomplished SheHeroes in STEM, entertainment, publishing, film, sports and more! We love chatting with these amazing girls and women about what sparked them to break glass ceilings and pave the way for today’s kids. Do you have a woman that you’d like us to feature? Feel free to send us nominations at admin@sheheroes.org. Happy listening!

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  1. Hey

    I hope you are doing well.

    Being a Mental Health Advocate associated with United Nations. I really want to look into the diminishing mental health of the people amidst Covid-19. Educating and making people realize about the importance of Mental Health is really important in today’s time. Being a business woman, I had always cherished giving back to the society whatever I had consumed. While onboarding at your podcast, I really want to take up the topic on What are the Workplace habits every entrepreneur need to survive the ‘New Normal’.

    The idea of initiating this thought was looking at the widescale effect of Mental Health on people in ways more than one.

    I think this is topical and relevant.

    Do reach out on the desired topic if that makes sense.

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