SheHeroes Video Contest!


We know lockdown and home schooling can be challenging for budding filmmakers and now that some lockdown restrictions are easing and school is winding down, we want to give everybody a chance and enough time to send us your SheHero story.

Who is YOUR SheHero?

We’re excited to announce that we are hosting our very first video contest! If you are a teacher, here’s a great project for your students during the shutdown.

We’re all stuck at home so what better time to put your creative skills to use than to make a mini-movie about your own personal SheHero? Who is she? What does she do? What kind of obstacles has she faced to become your SheHero?

Videos can be 5 – 10 minutes long. They should be in a format compatible for most users, such as youtube or vimeo. You can use your own footage, non-copyrighted internet images, a zoom interview, it’s your time to be inventive!

Send your completed video to

The deadline for submissions is May 31st. Entrance levels:

Grades 3/4: Grand Prize $50 gift card
Grades 5/6: Grand Prize $50 gift card
Grades 7/8: Grand prize $50 gift card
Grades 9/10: Grand Prize $50 gift card
Grades 11/12: Grand prize $50 gift card

Gift cards can be selected from the following retailers:

Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, Bath & Bodyworks, Bed, Bath & Beyond, California Pizza Kitchen, Cost Plus World Market, Home Depot and Olive Garden.

Contest starts now!

3 thoughts on “SheHeroes Video Contest!

  1. I’m confused on what you mean by our own shehero is that like ourselves or someone in our life that’s important to us or it’s it about a celebrity??

  2. On a video contest website, it stated that the SheHeroes Video Contest deadline was extended to June 30, is this true?

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