New Year’s Resolutions That Inspire

With 2020 upon us we’re ready to turn our attention to the New Year and all of the ways we can make changes for the better for our kids, ourselves, our home, our community and the world in the coming year.

We here at SheHeroes our no different and always look to a New Year as an opportunity to refresh our mission and think of new ways to inspire ourselves and the SheHeroes around us both young and old. One way is by coming up with a list of ways you can pledge to inspire SheHeroes and Heroes young and old.

  1. Set An Example – Conquer and go after your own dreams. Nothing impacts a child more than the example set by their parents (or primary caregivers). Follow your dreams, respect and take care of yourself and be proud of who you are. If you succeed in this your children will have no choice but to follow in your footsteps.
  2. Explore the world Around You – Sit down with your family and make a list of local places (or farther if that’s doable) that you would like to visit over the next year. Write them down and place it in a prominent place in the house. Make it a point to knock one place off the list at least once a month. These don’t have to be outrageous places either. Get online and do some research about the historic areas, zoos and aquariums, or new hiking/bike trails around where you live. Teach your kids adventure by simply exploring the world around you.
  3. Try Something New Every Month – Another inspiring list to make with the family, you can include everything from new kinds of foods, new sports, hobbies, learn to play chess, or any activity that you haven’t tried before. And once again post everyone’s list in a prominent place and work together to accomplish these new goals each month.
  4. Volunteer – Nothing inspires your children liking volunteering on a regular basis. This can be done through your school, church, Girl Scout troop, or by simply checking your city website for volunteer opportunities.
  5. Speak Out – Use resources like PBS’s “Don’t Buy It: Get Smart” program to help teach your kids how to be media literate.
  6. Inspire With Role Models – Expose your children to SheHeroes who are making things happen today. Follow our blog, like us on Facebook and use the excellent resources we have available to expose your SheHeroes to the amazing women all around us.

What things do YOU plan on doing in the New Year in your house to better the world for your SheHeroes?

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